Ring Sizing

We know as an online Jewelry Store it is hard on our customers when it comes to ordering the right size ring when we cannot measure your finger. To help you we will send you one sizer when you place your order, the sizer will be the same size as the ring you ordered.

But First;

Before ordering your ring please get sized by at least 2 reputable jewelers. Check the specs for the ring you would like to purchase (you will find this on the page where you purchase the ring) it will state whether the ring is a standard fit or comfort fit make sure you try on the same type of ring. The width of the ring is very important make sure you get measured with the same width ring as you plan to purchase. When you are measured do not allow them to measure the ring with a ring mandrel this is a very inaccurate measurement. Below are several other ways to get an exact fit.

  1. If you have or find a ring that fits the way you like you can get it measured with Digital Calipers and send us that measurement, and we can make your ring that exact size.
  2. If you have a ring that fits you can send it to us, and we will measure it and send it back with your new ring.
  3. If you have ring sizers and they are the same width of the ring you plan to order you can send us the sizer that fits. The size on the sizers is not good enough to go by we will need the actual sizer so we can measure it and we will send it back with your new ring.