Simple Jewelz is my store, I am Tommy McDonald an Artisan dedicated to the art of creating exquisite handmade jewelry using an array of high-quality materials. With a passion for craftsmanship, I combine the elegance of precious metals such as gold and silver with the natural beauty of wood and the intricate detailing of inlays. I also incorporate contemporary metals, adding a modern touch to designs.

What sets us apart is our commitment to personalization. We gladly incorporate customer-supplied materials allowing you to infuse your own story and sentimentality into the jewelry we create. Whether it’s a cherished heirloom or a meaningful keep sake. We transform your precious mementos into one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect your individuality.

I believe that jewelry is more than just an accessory; its’s an expression of your personality and a celebration of the moments and relationships that matter most to you. Experience the beauty and artistry of our hand-made jewelry today. Explore our collections, or collaborate with us and let us create a treasure that will be cherished for a lifetime.